Wrestling With Free Speech, Religious Freedom And Democracy 07.05.2013

Dialog-Institut organized a conference entitled “Wrestling with free speech, religious freedom and democracy in Turkey”.

Along with our partners in Germany and Austria, we invited Prof. James C. Harrington; a human rights attorney with nearly four decades of experience, founder and director of the Texas Civil Rights Project and Professor at the University of Texas School of Law for twenty-five years, for a series of conferences in Europe.

Prof. Harrington presented details about his book entitled “Wrestling with Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Democracy in Turkey: The Political Trials and Times of Fethullah Gülen”. This book, based on research and three weeks of personal interviews in Turkey and interviews in the United States, explores the political trial of Fethullah Gülen, a moderate Turkish religious leader, and how that trial, which began in 2000 and ended in 2008 in his favor, helped to greatly expand civil liberties and democracy in Turkey.

A cocktail offered at the end of the conference.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. James C. Harrington

Topic: Wrestling with Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Democracy in Turkey

Date: 6. Mai 2013

Place: Dialog Institut Genf, Rue de Lyon 75, 1203 Genève

james c harrington
Prof. Dr. James C. Harrington
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